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Why do highly educated Asians, who spend more than 10
years learning, struggle to speak English confidently?

About us

Why do highly educated Asians, who spend more than 10 years learning, struggle to speak English confidently? The incredible technology like Chat GPT offers endless examples of sentences, their pronunciations and even grammar checks. Asians who make up one third of the world’s population need more than some device only enabling them to mimic and memorize the sounds of new English expressions each time like a parrot. What is the missing piece to effectively use Chat GPT on your own? In mathematics, the times table serves as a foundational tool for mastering advanced concepts. Unless you acquire this basic multiplication concept, progressing to more advanced concepts, like multi-digit multiplication, division and more is difficult. The essence of language is not imitation but creativity. Despite your goals, levels of education, age, proficiency levels and preferences for learning styles, find out immediately what you need to overcome your exceptional challenges and fulfill your goals.


영어는 암기력이 좋아야 잘 할 수 있다 그리고 영어는 원어민과 직접 소통하며 자연스럽게 배우는게 제일 좋은 방법이다 라고 믿고 계셨나요? 10년 이상의 교육을 받는 고학력의 아시아인들이 미국에 오래 살면서도 영어를 자신 있게 구사하는데 있어 어려움을 겪는 것을 지난 수 십년 관찰하며 이렇게 대물림되는 방법에서 벗어나는데 매우 중요한 단서를 발견하게 되었습니다. 미국 어학연수, 원어민과의 ESL 수업 그리고 미국에서 20년-30년을 살아오면서도 여전히 노력에 비해 좀처럼 늘지 않는 자신의 영어 실력에 극심한 고뇌와 수치심을 느끼신 적이 있으신가요? 요즘, Chat GPT와 같은 놀라운 기술은 문장, 발음, 심지어 문법 검사에 관한 끝없는 예문을 제공합니다. 그러나, 전 세계 인구의 3분의 1을 이루는 아시아인들은 새로운 영어 표현의 소리를 매번 앵무새처럼 흉내 내고 암기하도록 하는 장치 그 이상이 필요합니다. 이것은 마치, 산수에서 구구법을 모르면 여러 자릿수 곱셈, 나눗셈 등과 같은 그 윗단계 뿐만아니라 최대 공약수, 인수 분해 등 더 고급 개념으로 나아가기 어려운 것과 마찬가지입니다. 언어의 본질은 모방이 아닌 창의력입니다. 그럼, Chat GPT, Youtube 및 Instagram 에 소개되는 내용들을 바로 실생활에서 즉시 사용하기 위해 필요한 것은 무엇일까요? 목표, 교육 수준, 연령, 능숙도 수준 및 학습 스타일의 선호도와 관계없이 자신의 독특한 어려움을 극복하고 목표를 달성하는데 있어 그동안 오랫동안 밝혀 지지 않았던 영어 학습의 결정적 퍼즐 조각이 무엇인지 오늘 바로 알아보세요.


About me


Crystal’s true passion lies in revolutionizing the way English is taught around the world by addressing the significant void in the second language acquisition process.  As a foreign student from Korea who majored in history, Crystal’s limited writing abilities left her feeling deeply ashamed everyday. Driven by her transformative experience, Crystal became determined to assist other English learners worldwide in fulfilling their goals without facing suffering. Through close observations and interactions with English scholars and learners over Crystal authored 16 internationally patented publications that leverage machine learning techniques. Her practical models extracted valuable data from Korean students, inspiring a global data of English learners’ exceptional difficulties. While publishing her books, Crystal actively participated in international academic conferences like Asia TEFL and engaged in various business venues across Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam. Crystal currently serves as the radio show speaker for ‘Frankly Speaking’ on Dallas Korea Net AM 730, where she caters to the Korean American community. She has been invited to present at TEDxCherry Creek Women on November 5th, where she will be discussing ‘The Hidden Process to Revolutionizing Language Education’


1. Our Expertise

Internationally patented machine learning based content
Proven results, groundbreaking, thought provoking method
Innovative cross-linguistic methods
Goal oriented
Extensive expertise over six decades
Profoundly transformative learning experience
Step-by-step easy to follow direction
Individualized attention for your specific needs
Follow-up throughout your program
Mindset transformation

2. Why Crystal Clear Concepts Method?

Clear framework + Effectiveness + Practicality
Breakthrough + Innovation + Authenticity
Motivation + Growth + New mindset + Vision
Joy of learning + Empowerment + Transformation
Progress + Goals + Achievement
Individualization + Convenience + Affordability
Real-life Application + Confidence + Enrichment
Connection + Community + Impact

3. Crystal Clear Concepts Certification

Embark on a transformative journey and join our vibrant community as we invite aspiring students to complete the certification program and become a leader. Join the revolution and make a difference!

4. Costs & Refunds

If a session has commenced, the student will not be eligible for a refund for that particular session. However, if the student has made advance payment for multiple sessions and has not attended those sessions, a refund will be provided for the sessions that have been paid for in advance but not utilized.

5. Copyrights

Distribution of internationally certified copyrighted content without authorization results in immediate legal consequences. 저작권의 보호를 받는 국제 인증 컨텐츠로 무단 복제 및 전재는 그 즉시, 법률의 구속이 가해집니다.