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Crystal Kim (김병화  Byunghwa Kim)

Internationally Patented Author | TEDx Speaker| Radio Show Speaker | Language Expert & Consultant| Machine Learning Content Expert | Activist 

Tune into ‘Frankly Speaking’ on Dallas Korea
Net AM 730
Crystal is actively raising awareness of the most fundamental issues often
overlooked in second language education. She is sharing the missing
puzzle piece that can ensure everyone benefits from ranging from regular
ESL classes and English language apps to groundbreaking Artificial
Intelligence like Chat GPT. Her insightful guidance with her authentic
expertise and a distinctive perspective enlightens both English learners
and educators, whether native or non-native. 
As she provides a concrete model, she envisions a world where people connect through meaningful communication and enrich all aspects of their life. Crystal
aims to collaborate with visionary leaders in the field of education, technology and computer science to drive educational revolution. Currently,
Crystal is serving the Korean-American community in Dallas, Texas. Every Monday, Crystal appears on the live radio show ‘Frankly Speaking’ on
Dallas Korea Net AM 730. She also offers ESL courses at Midwest University in Dallas. On November 5th in 2023, Crystal presents her talk on TEDx
Cherry Creek Women presenting “Unveiling the Hidden Process of Second Language Education.”

Crystal’s TEDx talk

Public Speech Experiences